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With +Plussm by ValueInsured, Inc., Buyers for the First Time Are Protected at Closing, Just Like the Bank

NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2015 – The down payment is the single largest investment most homebuyers will ever make, and no one should ever lose it. That’s why ValueInsured today introduced an innovative down payment protection program that for the first time safeguards homebuyers’ hard-earned down payments. Designed for the modern homebuyer, +Plus by ValueInsured is for responsible renters and families who want to buy a single-family home and protect their nest-eggs.

Here’s how it works: +Plus works like the insurance homebuyers are already paying for at closing, such as private mortgage insurance (PMI), which protects the bank. But, with +Plus, the policy protects the homebuyer: If the market falls and the homeowner decides to sell, +Plus will reimburse them up to the full value of their down payment. The average cost for the protection is equivalent to less than a lunch per month.

Down from a high of 15 million in 2012, today, more than 7.9 million homeowners are still underwater and suffer from “negative equity” resulting in loss of all or part of their down payment should they sell their home.   

“When the down payment is protected, the modern American homebuyer experiences more control, confidence and flexibility, even in a volatile real estate market,” says Joseph Melendez, founder and CEO of ValueInsured. “Our down-payment protection program is backed by one of the world’s largest re-insurance companies, with over $8 billion in capital. So consumers can count on us to be there if and when they need to get their money back when they sell their home.”

ValueInsured is working with every participant in the home purchasing process, including real estate agents, mortgage originators, mortgage insurers and institutional investors, all with a goal of offering the homebuyer easy and affordable protection on their home down payment.  

“The millennial mindset has created today’s modern homebuyer,” says Cleve Bellar, chief marketing officer at ValueInsured. “They have created a new set of home buying expectations. They demand clear and simple services, terms that are fair and tools that give them control over their buying options. The millennial mindset is not defined by age or demographics. It’s a group with common sense, savvy, the desire to control their own destiny and, ultimately, the need to protect their hard-earned savings.”

About ValueInsured

ValueInsured, Inc., through its licensed affiliate, is the only provider of down payment protection for modern homebuyers, giving them greater control, confidence and flexibility in a volatile real estate market – all for the cost of a lunch per month. Led by a team of professionals experienced in every part of the home buying process, ValueInsured’s +PlusSM down payment protection is easy, affordable and backed by one of the world’s largest re-insurance companies, with over $8 billion in capital.