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Why +Plus
Down Payment Protection?

How +Plus
Down Payment Protection Works


An Innovative Solution to protect home buyer's down payment

Millions of homes in America today have negative equity and would sell for less than what is owed. Most of these homeowners pay their mortgage on time and take good care of their home. They also paid to protect their lenders against risks of lower value while their own down payment is left unprotected. When life happens and they need to sell, many sell at a loss and lose their hard-earned down payment...their nest egg. It is unfair, but they don’t have any option or solution.

Introducing an innovative solution to this problem - Down Payment Protection. It protects up to the full amount of the homebuyer’s initial down payment, in the event of a loss when they sell in a down market.  See below how down payment protection is right for you or learn about +Plus, the first down payment solution built ground up for the modern homebuyer.

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