Inflation and debt worries - Impact on housing

US Debt - Historical

You may have noticed many more reports about rising debt, delinquencies, inflation and risk of an associated recession.  Curious ourselves, we thought we'd put things into context (you have to be concerned with fake news, right)?  And it was interesting. 

If you just follow housing, you may have positive or negative feelings about the market trends, but to get the full picture, you cannot isolate just that one expenditure.  You have to look at similar debts like student loans, car loans and credit cards (and rising delinquencies).  Put together, we are now at similar debt levels as 10- years ago.  So, when a buyer is thinking about buying a home, they are also thinking about all of these other debts and expenses. 

And then there is inflation.  It has been whispered about for a while, but it may become a roar in the near future. This is a great article on why you should keep an eye on it (just ignore the sales pitch at the end).