Evergreen Home Loans Launches Evergreen +Plus Down Payment Protection

Evergreen Home Loans, a full-service direct home loan lender offering origination, funding and home loan servicing with offices in six Western states, announced today it will begin offering Evergreen +Plus down payment protection to its customers.

Evergreen +Plus reimburses homebuyers up to their full down payment if they have to sell at a loss in a future down market.

“Our goal with Evergreen +Plus is to give our customers a competitive advantage in the housing market now and into the future,” said David Floan, executive vice president of Evergreen Home Loans. “We know that life doesn’t stop for our customers when they buy a home. A new job, a growing family; there are a number of reasons that someone might need to move a few years after they’ve purchased a home. With Evergreen +Plus our customers will be able to reduce their risk of financial loss should they have to sell for reasons outside of their control.”

Evergreen +Plus down payment protection is available in partnership with ValueInsured.

“Providing a mortgage that includes down payment protection sets Evergreen Home Loans apart from the competition and maximizes homebuyer confidence in the hot markets they serve.” said Joe Melendez, CEO of ValueInsured, the provider of +Plus down payment protection. “We are thrilled to work with an innovative leader who recognizes that both today’s market conditions and homebuyer preferences require a new type of mortgage.”

Evergreen +Plus is available now and interested customers can visit www.evergreenhomeloans.com to learn more and view all program details.