Fall 2017 Modern Homebuyer Survey results next week

There is plenty of noise in housing in the past week: Much of our industry rejects the newly proposed tax reform which includes cutting mortgage tax deduction. Some speculate the pending tax cut could trigger the next housing crisis, others say our industry is in a panic. A couple of days ago, a new report assessed nearly half of the country’s top 50 metro markets are overvalued. On the same day, a growing player in the home mortgage space suddenly threw in the towel, citing over-competition. We decided not to add to the noise this week; instead, we offer two simple thoughts:

  1. Probably safe to expect more uncertainties in American housing to come and...
  2. Homebuyers - more than ever - need a confidence boost before they jump in.

The latest ValueInsured Modern Homebuyer Survey results will be published next week; we hope to add more clarity and insight into these thoughts next week.  We also suggest that you scan the comments on the articles above and below to take a pulse as we head into 2018.