Bloomberg Radio: Real Estate Report featuring Joe Melendez, CEO ValueInsured

This is your Bloomberg real-estate report I'm Denis Pellegrini.  

It is seen as a seller's market in many parts of the country because of low inventory but those high prices are a double-edged sword when it comes to selling and then buying a home. People believe they can get an exceptional value for selling their home but then they're afraid to buy into a new property at these new market prices.  Joe Melendez is CEO at ValueInsured.

“It's a question of it’s good for me on the one hand but on the other side I'm paying a significantly higher price for a property and am I at the top end," Melendez says.  

Add to that, concern about tax reform and rising interest rates and homeowners are even less likely to want to sell and pick up another place instead.  

“These are factors that basically put people into a fear mode of saying hey maybe this isn't the best time.”  

ValueInsured's latest survey says 72% of homeowners are concerned about timing the real estate market.  And that's your Bloomberg real estate report.  I'm Denise Pellegrini