Q3 2016 Modern Homebuyer Survey Results Coming October 12th

In our Q2 2016 Modern Homebuyer Survey, we saw confidence uptick among Millennials who have benefitted from recent positive job and household income reports. However, with rising home prices and low inventory in much of the nation this past summer, will Millennial first-time buyers’ confidence continue its positive direction? Stay tuned for our September survey results, to be released on Wednesday October 12th. You will also learn about

  • Is the global economy a concern for modern homebuyers
  • How long Millennials plan to live in their current home 
  • Do Americans think we will experience another housing crisis
  • Do homeowners fear a pricing bubble
  • Do homeowners want to sell and upgrade
  • Do home buyers plan to put down 20% or more to buy a home
  • How much do Millennials plan to spend on their next home purchase
  • How much homeownership status affect perception of Americans’ socio-economic well-being
  • And much more…