Millennials -- Why They're Buying Homes and Why They're Not

The Huffington Post writes that while almost 70% of millennials are looking to buy a home within the next year, there are still two major areas of concern: (1) affordability, which has been a hot topic for a while, and (2) fear, which has been less discussed.  Removing fear from the equation through products like down payment protection will help these first-time buyers who want to buy a home move off the sidelines.

What was your primary concern during the home buying process (choose up to 3)?
o 43.27% overall affordability <-- Affordability
o 34.83% coming up with a down payment  <-- Affordability
o 28.76% closing costs  <-- Affordability
o 23.48% getting mortgage approval  <-- Affordability
o 21.64% financial stability  <-- Fear
o 20.05% committing long-term  <-- Fear
o 16.09% dealing with banker, real estate agent  <-- Fear
o 15.04% home price volatility  <-- Fear
o 14.51% job stability  <-- Fear