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Today's modern homebuyers are different. Growing up in the digital age and having witnessed the housing crisis first-hand, they demand flexibility and often shy away from the commitment of ownership.

They stream music, car share and rent their homes. Living amid other factors of the “new normal” – global uncertainties, college debts, market jitters – homeownership today for this next generation has reverted to 1960’s levels.

While some recent housing indicators have been positive, to grow the industry long term and motivate buyers, home buying needs to evolve. Committing to a home must result in more freedom, not become a burden. Down payment protection is the only solution in the market today that does just that. Designed to reimburse borrowers for any loss of their down payment when they sell their home in a market downturn, it addresses the key attributes of the modern homebuyer (see insert).

Down Payment Protection combines the perceived lower risk and flexibility of renting with the security and freedom of owning. For the industry, it reduces defaults and motivates buyers and sellers in any market. Simply added as a feature of a typical mortgage, down payment protection is available today through +Plus by ValueInsured. 

5 key attributes of the modern homebuyer:

New buyers are nomadic


of millennial homeowners plan to live in their current home for less than 7 years, exposing them to higher risks of market fluctuations.

They feel stuck


of existing homeowners who want to upgrade would do so sooner if they didn’t have to worry about losing their down payment.

They want more confidence


of millennial renters believe down payment protection would give them more confidence in buying a home.

Many are staying on the sidelines


of millennial renters would commit to buying sooner if they could have their down payment protected.

They are still dreamers


of millennial renters still say it’s important to be a homeowner despite their concerns.

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Down payment protection is the only solution in the market today that reimburses borrowers for any loss of their down payment when they sell their home in a market downturn. See how down payment protection can benefit your business and your customers.


Stand out in the crowd and differentiate your listings from all the rest. Buyers will commit and sellers can move on to their next home quicker.  


Points & rates are a Google-click away.  Give them a better reason to trust you with their home loan decision.


Show buyers you care and give them a real incentive to choose your new home build - security that their personal investment is protected.


Isn’t a home that has greater upfront risk protection and a lower chance of default much more valuable? 


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