PRMG Rolls Out Their New PRMG +Plus Down Payment Protection Program!

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc (PRMG) rolls out their PRMG Plus Down Payment Protection program.  When it comes to putting borrowers first, PRMG has got you covered. 

Where title insurance, private mortgage insurance and homeowner’s insurance each make lending more secure for the lenders, only PRMG Plus covers borrowers regardless of what happens in the housing market.

“PRMG understands that buying a home can be a big step for any borrower and that it takes a long time for a borrower to accumulate the necessary down payment to buy a home.  As such, we are pleased to be able to offer PRMG +Plus to them. This is just one more way PRMG looks out for our borrowers, by providing them with the option to protect their initial down payment should they not be able to recoup it when they sell.  This option gives them peace of mind as they invest into their new home, knowing that their down payment is safe, regardless of what happens in the housing market”, said Lara Rausch, PRMG Vice President of Products and Training.

Lending in 47 states and a Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae seller/servicer,  PRMG has a diverse portfolio of mortgage products to meet all of their client’s needs.  The lender has over 138 branches across the United States with seasoned licensed Loan Officers waiting to help all clients feel at ease when making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives.

“PRMG is committed to delivering innovative products that build customer confidence, no matter how volatile the market.  This is an important time for homebuyers who want to buy a home as well as the industry as we continue to regain our footing from the market shake up. We are proud to partner with a company that is a part of the new landscape and has industry-leading customer service”, said Joe Melendez, CEO and Founder of ValueInsured, which provides +Plus Down Payment Protection

So why settle for an old school mortgage when you can get PRMG Plus with Down Payment Protection at the same great rate?  For more information, please contact your local Loan Officer or Account Executive.