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+Plus is the only Down Payment Protection program designed for the modern homebuyer.  It's something developed out of modern needs where uncertainty - whether it be relocating for a dream job or growing a family - and economic impacts outside of homebuyers' control can impact long-term flexibility.   These issues are why renting continues to climb even though it can cost up to 3x as much as owning a home and 90% want to be homeowners.  +Plus Down Payment Protection meets these needs allowing buyers to get into the home they want with the flexibility they expect.  Its is the new way to own a home.

As a parent, you always look out for your kid.  Whether it's giving advice or gifting money to help afford a home, you are #1 on speed dial.  The fact is, homeownership, outside of blips, is still one of the biggest wealth generators.  But, like the stock market, that is if you stick with it for a long time.  Buyers today aren't necessarily committed to a single house for 30 years like in the decades past.  While they may be homeowners for 30 years, it likely won't be in the same home.  So, when you are asked for help, we want to be there with you.  

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