About us

We are committed to restoring home purchasing confidence by providing simple, affordable solutions that protect home buyers against unpredictable, negative market changes.

Our flagship product +Plus by ValueInsured is the only product that reimburses homeowners up to their full down payment or their refinanced equity should the market go down. When life happens, we are there.

But, we know to really change the paradigm and help reignite the home purchasing market, we need others to join in. If you feel just as passionate as we do, connect with us and let's see what innovations we can create together.

Who we are


Founder and CEO

Ever play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon ? Try Joe Melendez. He is in everyone's circle. Joe brings his 30+ years of relationships across the financial industry to develop alliances that can help us innovate and deliver something special to the market.


President and General Counsel

You know you have to have one. Jim is our legal counsel, but not just any ordinary one. His 35+ year bio reminds you that you are not the smartest in the room (keywords: Georgetown, Harvard, Partner, CEO, Chairman and even the UN). He makes sure we are doing the right things the right way to deliver the best products to our consumers.


Chief Financial Officer

Health enthusiast and number cruncher extraordinare, Steve with his 25+ years of experience sits quietly in dark rooms staring at computers making the models that drive our business. Ok it's not that scary but it is finance.


Chief Marketing Officer

Left-brain meet right-brain. Cleve brings 20+ years of technological creativity to bring our story to life and ensure we always keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. He also likes to play in the mud.